My name is Daniel Renfro and I started Desk Hacker in early 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown. I’m a professional web developer and I spend a large amount of time at my desk, especially these days.

Why I Started Desk Hacker

I started Desk Hacker because I found myself spending more and more time sitting at my desk and, because of that, I wanted to make sure that my own desk was as optimized as possible. I mean ‘optimized; from a few points of view. I wanted to make sure that my desk was a place that I actually enjoyed spending my time at.

I wanted to make sure that I had as many monitors as best helped my work situation. I remember back in college when I got my first external monitor and the productivity bump that came with a second screen. Since then, I’ve added three extra screens, giving me a grand total of four screens. Many (probably most) people would consider this to be a bit overkill but, for my line of work, having the extra screen real estate is really helpful to make sure that I’m able to see my code, the designs, the live website and also my communication program (Wavebox) to not miss any emails or messages across platforms.

Along with the number of monitors I wanted to make sure that the size, quality and positioning of my monitors worked for me. I settled on two 32″ 2k monitors (4k monitors are great but the font size on them is just too small for me). The other two monitors are my Macbook Pro screen and a portable 1080p USB-C monitor which I love. These monitors are both held up by some high quality monitor arms, allowing me to swivel them around when I switch them over to my PS4.

That’s just a quick sample of my desk setup. I’ll keep adding to this page over time.